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Aimee Chou: Being Part of a Modern-day Movement

Posted by: Elise Whitworth on Feb. 1, 2016  |  Comments

Aimee Chou, who scores an INTP on the Meyers-Briggs personality test with a background in journalism is our virtuoso pen for hire and has been writing engaging content with her signature flair for puns and witticisms for deaffriendly since 2011. 

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Best of 2015: Deaf-Friendly Businesses That Rocked Our Year

Posted by: Staff Writer on Jan. 16, 2016  |  Comments

In 2015, Deaf gained visibility, collaboration, linguistic interest, and became a cultural force reawakened:From Nyle DiMarco winning America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 22) to Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, #deaftalent movement has gained more than one supermodel, or a single Tony Award, the movement has created lasting role models.

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Buddy Elledge: Behind the Scenes

Posted by: Elise Whitworth on Jan. 1, 2016  |  Comments

Buddy is our graphic designer extraordinaire, his role is critical to keeping us looking spiffy. He wears many other hats, stepping up as a  program assistant and assisting in social media duties. Odds are, if you have a question about the website or your account he’s the man behind the scenes helping our reviewers out.

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Interpreting Industry Insights: A challenging climate

Posted by: Staff Writer on Dec. 15, 2015  |  Comments

The interpreting field is a dynamic one, growing and evolving. This can be most dramatically seen with the creation of Linguabee by Deaf founders Chad Taylor and Patrick Boudreault and Vineya by Communication Services for the Deaf which challenged the old interpreting agency model by connecting consumers and interpreters directly, eliminating the broker - the traditional interpreting agency.

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Deaf-Inclusive Tech Conferences: Accessibility Lessons From &yetConf

Posted by: Staff Writer on Nov. 12, 2015  |  Comments

Though I was born deaf, I had very few opportunities to meet culturally Deaf, ASL-fluent peers until after college. As I began learning sign language for the first time, I noticed that many Deaf and hard of hearing people gravitated towards careers in tech. 

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Founder's Corner: Boom! Nyle Shakes up Deaf Stereotypes

Posted by: Staff Writer on Oct. 8, 2015  |  Comments

What a stud! Can I say that? I look forward to watching Nyle DiMarco strike a pose every week on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). It’s easy to focus on the obvious, Nyle DiMarco is beautiful.  He’s on a show that celebrates beauty. I could stop right there.

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A Stylish Match: Starbucks Order App + Deaf Street Style

Posted by: Staff Writer on Sept. 16, 2015  |  Comments

Sometimes us staffers think Seattle is the center of the universe, or at least the birthplace of really cool things -, R.E.I., Microsoft, and Nirvana are just the tip of the iceberg. Our Ballard office is a hop and skip away from the actual Center of the Universe. We gush about local things, but get really excited when local goodness goes nationwide, such as the new Starbucks Mobile Order App which allows you to place your order using your mobile phone.

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Spreading Awareness for DEAF AWARENESS WEEK 2015

Posted by: Staff Writer on Sept. 9, 2015  |  Comments

Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) is rolling around again, falling during the last week of September. It’s a great opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike to spread #deaffriendly awareness.  

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Reviewer Spotlight: Loren Ashton - Tuscon, AZ

Posted by: Staff Writer on Aug. 11, 2015  |  Comments

Do you know the people who are plugging in reviews on Every quarter, we pick the brains of our most active reviewers. They are the words behind our deaf-friendly mission, the stars of our 1-5 star ratings, and the soul of this website. 

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Planning a Festival? Tips to Provide a Deaf-Friendly Experience

Posted by: Staff Writer on Aug. 11, 2015  |  Comments

It’s summer! There are music and theater festivals happening everyday, all day, all over the country. Have you received a request to accommodate a Deaf theater or concertgoer whom uses American Sign Language (ASL)? Making sure your event is accessible to them not only improves your customer service, it also fulfills your obligation under the civil rights law, Americans with Disability Act (ADA). If you are unsure how to provide a deaf-friendly experience at your festival for Deaf ASL users, here are some useful tips to get you started.

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