Become a Deaf-Friendly Certified Business

Our Deaf-Friendly Certified Business program is now available to businesses that provide top-notch deaf-friendly customer service. Because providing deaf-friendly customer service isn’t something all businesses know how to do intuitively; sometimes they need guidance and support. To do this, takes time, resources and effort. We think that level of commitment should not go unnoticed.
Up until now, the Deaf experience has been told primarily by people with little or no personal background as a Deaf or hard of hearing consumer. Being the only Deaf-owned and operated consumer review website in the United States, the foundation of our Deaf-Friendly Certified Business program focuses exclusively on real reviews written by neutral, third party, Deaf consumers from all over the country. That’s why every business that receives our Certified Deaf-Friendly Business status is endorsed by Deaf consumers.


What makes a Deaf-Friendly Certified Business?

We asked Deaf consumers across the nation and with their input, we developed the following criteria:

deaf-friendly business criteria

How do you know if a business is Deaf-Friendly Certified?

When you are browsing you’ll see the Deaf-Friendly Certified Business badge on select business profiles. When you are out and about, look for the Deaf-Friendly Certified Business window decal on storefronts. 

Interested in becoming a Deaf-Friendly Certified Business?

One of our favorite things to do is offer businesses like yours the resources they need to become deaf-friendly while also giving businesses the opportunity to grow and strengthen their fan base, especially among Deaf consumers across the nation. Being endorsed by Deaf consumers adds a tremendous amount of value to your business by being accessible to some of the most loyal customers.
Our Deaf-Friendly Certified Business program provides an opportunity for deaf-friendly partners like you to shine! We encourage you to become a Deaf-Friendly Partner and further the shared vision that together, we can create a deaf-friendly world.


Still need more information? Reach out and let us know how we can help you!

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