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Throw a Deaf-Friendly Party Like A Pro

Posted by: Staff Writer on Dec. 6, 2016  |  Comments

Back in the day, Deaf celebrations were typically hosted at local Deaf community centers and Deaf clubs. With Deaf community centers and Deaf clubs closing or dwindling down over the last two decades, Deaf people have still found ways to gather. The desire to gather and celebrate is as strong as ever, with parties being hosted in people’s homes or creative venues with the same merriment and festivity shown in decades past.

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When You Have A Deaf Challenged Consumer Experience

Posted by: Staff Writer on Nov. 16, 2016  |  Comments

We’ve all been there. It’s the eyeroll. Or the exasperated sigh. Or the way they walk away and laugh while pointing at you with another co-worker. Maybe it’s even the outright refusal to serve you or provide you with accommodations. However you experience your deaf-challenged moment, it never feels good. Your stomach churns. Your break out into cold sweat. You can feel that rage start to simmer.

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Tips For Deaf Fliers: Travel Proactively

Posted by: Staff Writer on Nov. 7, 2016  |  Comments

One sign of a frequent traveler is picking your flight based on your connection because their favorite airport restaurant is at that hub and the wings there can’t be beat. Another seasoned traveler might pick an airline based on free wifi or the free checked luggage- heck even getting to bring two carry-ons for free is becoming more of a perk and less of a given.

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#deaffriendly IRONMAN Ready. Set. Go

Posted by: Staff Writer on Oct. 7, 2016  |  Comments

Tomorrow, Deaf Ironman Contestant Vladimir (Vlad) Schmidt will take on his greatest Ironman Challenge yet, the World Championship in Kona. This is his first time attempting the World Championship and he is surrounded by fans cheering him on, those on the island, those who have flown in from the mainland and those from afar. Deaf and hearing fans all over the world including Russia, Germany and Canada and waiting and will be watching with the rest of the world.


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Social Media Storm: #HearingPrivilege and #DeafGain

Posted by: Staff Writer on Oct. 4, 2016  |  Comments

The recent social media campaign #HearingPrivilege and #DeafGain ran the last week of September which some in the Deaf community marked as Deaf Awareness Week. Both were enormously popular and showcased one of the ways social media is leveraged to spread awareness and create a catalyst for conversations and debate within the Deaf community.

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Join the Deaf-Friendly 7-Day Challenge

Posted by: Staff Writer on Sept. 26, 2016  |  Comments

Whether you celebrated Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) last week, or you are celebrating it this week like us, Deaf Awareness Week has been around for quite some time. DAW began in 1951 during the first gathering of the World Congress for the Deaf. We’ve highlighted it every year, with articles and a photo campaign to spread information, educate others, and encourage others to do the same.

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Vlad the Ironman and the Road to Kona

Posted by: Staff Writer on Sept. 12, 2016  |  Comments

What would you do if you knew anything was possible. What dream would you go after? What goals would you conquer? Who would you become?  

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In A Deaf Economy Deaf Artists Set Up Shop: Jena Floyd

Posted by: Staff Writer on Aug. 9, 2016  |  Comments

Deaf people are innovative problem solvers. They’re also a visionary and inspired group across the board. So it’s no surprise there are many creative and artistic entrepreneurs who are shaking up their industries with new ways of doing business, paving the way for others to follow them, and inspiring the rest of us who are buying up their products and services as we intentionally come together to support a Deaf economy.

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What Deaf-Friendly Business Accountability Looks Like

Posted by: Staff Writer on July 29, 2016  |  Comments

Our culture here at puts high value on our Deaf consumer experience as a catalyst for change. What we experience day in and day out, has tremendous meaning. So when we get together before work to catch up, share the latest happenings in our lives as well as what’s going on in our community - we know that it’s not meaningless water cooler talk, it’s important. We are constantly having conversations about our own deaf-friendly and deaf-challenged moments and the stories we hear from people across the nation.

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Facebook, Twitter, Etc: Make Your Ad Management Deaf-Friendly!

Posted by: Elise Whitworth on July 26, 2016  |  Comments

Deaf businesses have been booming, so much that there has been local and nationwide news coverage. This is thanks to technology making it easier to communicate, run a business, and attract customers. On the flip side, as technology use expands, new barriers are emerging for Deaf business owners. In particular, social media advertising solutions are not deaf-friendly.

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