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Agua Verde Café and Paddle Club

A friend and I have been kayaking from this club for a few years and we were genuinely impressed by the club.   They actually developed ...

Hyatt at Olive 8

I had a very nice stay here. The ability to text the operator was very helpful (I would suggest making this available to anyone and ...

Universal Language Service, Inc.

So far, ASL interpreters that have been scheduled through this interpreting agency for me have been unqualified. When I asked to start a preferred list and ...

Honor Coffee

The cashier here Aileen was very nervous and awkward in taking my order. She didn’t know how to communicate effectively with a Deaf customer, making ...

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Equal Access at NAD Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Everyone is still talking about how successful the NAD 2016 conference was in Phoenix, Arizona: especially in regards to the equal access at the convention center, the hotels, the surrounding restaurants and bars. All of that is because of the training that they got from deaffriendly. 

Watch the Video! #deaffriendly or #deafchallenged?

Actor John Maurcere, known for his role in SuperDeafy, displayed his usual charm and dynamic energy on screen as he engaged real-life Deaf people (not actors) and their real-life #deafchallenged and #deaffriendly stories.

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Agua Verde Café and Paddle Club

A friend and I have been kayaking from this club for a few years and we were ...

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Local Tasters

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ

This place makes a really good Tex-Mex BBQ! 

The staff were friendly enough to allow ...

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Jeanne M. Peters

Fishers Pediatric Dentistry

Awesome place to go!  They have many Deaf patients and have taken ASL classes to ...

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