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Hartford businesses become deaf-friendly for NAD conference guests
Share the Love for a Deaf-Friendly Business
A Deaf Person Walks Into Your Business. Now What?
Best of 2017: Deaf-Friendly Businesses
Building Bridges: Bringing Deaf-Friendly Customer Service to Baltimore
Deaf-Friendly Certified Businesses YOU Need to Know
When the Service is Whoa (Oh So) Good
When You Have A Deaf Challenged Consumer Experience
Business Tip: Turning a Negative Review into a Deaf-Friendly One
Deaf-Friendly Tips Every Restaurant Needs to Know

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Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza

This review is for Kaytlyn, a rep at this store. When I approached her and informed her I was Deaf and needed paper and pen ...

Watch Me As I Realestate Inc.

Andre Bohall is an ASL fluent real estate agent serving many areas in the south Puget Sound region. I had a consultation with him on ...

Mill Creek Family Eye Center

After I made initial contact with this office and arranged my appointment I requested an ASL interpreter in which the office didn't want to ...

Leading Edge Auto Glass

Mark came to my home to replace my windshield. He is very friendly, professional, patient and easy to understand. He was intimidated by the fact ...

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Equal Access at NAD Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Everyone is still talking about how successful the NAD 2016 conference was in Phoenix, Arizona: especially in regards to the equal access at the convention center, the hotels, the surrounding restaurants and bars. All of that is because of the training that they got from deaffriendly. 

Watch the Video! #deaffriendly or #deafchallenged?

Actor John Maurcere, known for his role in SuperDeafy, displayed his usual charm and dynamic energy on screen as he engaged real-life Deaf people (not actors) and their real-life #deafchallenged and #deaffriendly stories.

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Julia Cameron's Magical Mystical Massage Tour

I was at a retreat when I had the opportunity to have a massage for the ...

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April B. image

April B.

Julia Cameron's Magical Mystical Massage Tour

I had the honor of getting a massage at home! Julia was amazing! I love her ...

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Chef Wagner

Julia Cameron's Magical Mystical Massage Tour

At a Mindful Heart Retreat by LaRonda Zupp, Cam Damon provided a massage service. What I ...

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