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Business Tip: Turning a Negative Review into a Deaf-Friendly One

Posted by: Staff Writer on June 7, 2016  |  Comments

Lets face it, it’s tough getting a negative review or negative feedback.  No one likes it, whether you’re an individual or a business. While eighty percent of reviews on are positive, the deaf-challenged experiences Deaf consumers face sometimes lead to reviews that are three stars or less. We encourage businesses to reframe the situation and see negative reviews as a wonderful opportunity to gain an edge, get information about Deaf consumers, and do concrete things to create a deaf-friendly experience in the future. In fact, the most successful situations we see are a deaf-challenged business taking a negative review and turning it into a positive one. 

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Vicki Moseley: Improving the Deaf Consumer Experience

Posted by: Staff Writer on June 6, 2016  |  Comments

Vicki Moseley is our newest dynamic, fun-loving, and energetic team member, bringing with her years of experience teaching hearing businesses how to interact with Deaf people. Her sparkling eyes and mischievous smile lights up the room every time she enters it. When she’s not training businesses, she’s enjoying the great outdoors: kayaking, snowshoeing, swimming, hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For her it’s her community, her people, and the relationships she has with them that means the most. You’ll find her prioritizing time with her friends and loved ones, traveling to be with them, and volunteering on the board of a local Deaf organization.

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Ensuring the Customer is King: Deaf-Friendly Customer Service Training

Posted by: Staff Writer on April 25, 2016  |  Comments

As a native Dallasite who grew up in the family business, Vicki Moseley has done it all: From bookkeeping to interacting with hungry regulars. Even in an era of table tracking buzzers and ready-order apps, she’d be the first to tell you that there’s no substitute for the “secret sauce” of customer service: Face-to-face interactions.

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Founders Corner: We're Turning Four!

Posted by: Staff Writer on April 12, 2016  |  Comments

This month, April 2016, marks 4 year anniversary since we launched Wow! 4 years ago when I launched this business, going about my daily life as a Deaf consumer was frustrating, time consuming, annoying, and often I arrived home everyday, exhausted.

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deaffriendly Turns 4: More Than Just a Review Website, A Movement!

Posted by: Staff Writer on April 7, 2016  |  Comments

This month marks four years of, an online review website for Deaf consumers to rate their positive and negative consumer experiences about businesses they frequent. Along the way, we’ve come to realize two things: change happens with every interaction in ordinary but powerful ways and change also happens when a small group of people decide to do big things, together.

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Reviewer Spotlight: Kate Spencer

Posted by: Staff Writer on Feb. 3, 2016  |  Comments

On any given day you may find Advocate Kate Spencer curled up reading a book,  watching crime-related shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, or coloring in an adult coloring book.  Like a true Northwest native she has cultivated a special connection with the Puget Sound waters; combing the shores, collecting seashells, seaglass, and rocks while taking in the ocean view.  When she’s out and about shopping at local businesses, hitting up farmer's markets, and browsing for treasures at thrift stores and garage sales she’s always looking for new places to write reviews about. 

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Best of 2015: Deaf-Friendly Businesses That Rocked Our Year

Posted by: Staff Writer on Jan. 16, 2016  |  Comments

In 2015, Deaf gained visibility, collaboration, linguistic interest, and became a cultural force reawakened:From Nyle DiMarco winning America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 22) to Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, #deaftalent movement has gained more than one supermodel, or a single Tony Award, the movement has created lasting role models.

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Interpreting Industry Insights: A challenging climate

Posted by: Staff Writer on Dec. 15, 2015  |  Comments

The interpreting field is a dynamic one, growing and evolving. This can be most dramatically seen with the creation of Linguabee by Deaf founders Chad Taylor and Patrick Boudreault and Vineya by Communication Services for the Deaf which challenged the old interpreting agency model by connecting consumers and interpreters directly, eliminating the broker - the traditional interpreting agency.

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Deaf-Inclusive Tech Conferences: Accessibility Lessons From &yetConf

Posted by: Staff Writer on Nov. 12, 2015  |  Comments

Though I was born deaf, I had very few opportunities to meet culturally Deaf, ASL-fluent peers until after college. As I began learning sign language for the first time, I noticed that many Deaf and hard of hearing people gravitated towards careers in tech. 

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Founder's Corner: Boom! Nyle Shakes up Deaf Stereotypes

Posted by: Staff Writer on Oct. 8, 2015  |  Comments

What a stud! Can I say that? I look forward to watching Nyle DiMarco strike a pose every week on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). It’s easy to focus on the obvious, Nyle DiMarco is beautiful.  He’s on a show that celebrates beauty. I could stop right there.

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