I came by this place with my sister after lunch to buy something sweet. I ended up getting the birthday cake cupcake with a Christmas tree frosting decoration on top of it and a tub of gingerbread donut holes (the ball kind). The tubs were on display near the register and there was a sign that said "Birthday Cake..." so I originally thought that it was made out of birthday cake batter like the cupcake I was buying. I didn't realize that the sign was for the birthday cake candles that were on display in front of the tubs. The staff informed me that it was gingerbread but I decided to go ahead and buy it because they looked good. To whoever is in charge, I would suggest you to make sure that there's a name sign with the price listed whenever there are tubs of donut holes for sale so there's no confusion of what kind of flavor they are and how much they cost. 

While paying for my purchase, the girl was a bit pushy and pointed toward the tip part on the iPad screen that was facing toward me to click onto one of the boxes for a certain percentage. That made me uncomfortable because it was as if she expected me to leave her a tip. I normally leave tips at places like restaurants but not at a place like this one if I'm simply picking out items that were already made. My sister didn't leave a tip because she paid in cash and didn't have to deal with the girl in that way. I really liked the Old Fashioned Chai donut that was in the 1 dozen box that my sister bought; it was really good. The birthday cake cupcake was all right; the Christmas tree frosting on top of it was a bit too much but it was cute and clever. I enjoyed the gingerbread donut holes; they were good. 

The girl who helped us pick out our sweets did not know how to interact with me as a Deaf individual so my hearing sister helped me communicate with the staff. When I told my sister of how the girl was pushy about the tip part on the iPad screen, she was shocked and said that the girl didn't ask for a tip when it was her turn to pay for her purchase. I plan to try a different Frost location such as the Everett one to see if the staff are more Deaf-friendly and helpful than this one in Mill Creek. 

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