QiFlow Edgewater

Rachel Berman

There are two locations of this so I'm rating on the RiNo location (it didn't come up in the search), not Edgewater. This is my community where I work out all the time as well as work there. Stephanie P. and other teachers need to be recognized for making this place deaf friendly and accommodating for me and my deaf friends. It's the reason I keep going there. It's a supportive and positive environment, and while some teachers use visual cues in their instructions, some don't which I don't blame because they've never experienced having to explain things visually. I think one day I will host a meeting with all the staff so I can teach them signs for specific workout terms and do a little culture sensitivity training, and I know they would be open to that idea! That's why friendly and open-minded the environment is. Stephanie P. deserves the highest honor for welcoming the deaf people to the studio. She is picking up some signs and is always communicating with me via texting and paper/pen. 


  • Makes Eye Contact
  • Speaks Clearly
  • Knows Sign Language
  • Positive Attitude
  • Accepts Relay Calls
  • Schedule/Order On-line or E-mail
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