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Yesterday, my fiance and I went to Living Space furniture store.  It was our first time visit this store and have been hearing lots of great thing about this store.  We decided to check it out, we walked into the store, we got greeted by one of employees.  She noticed that we were signing to each other when we were discussing about furniture so she had other employee who is fluent in ASL and see if we need any help or question about furniture.  We were blown away by how thoughtful they were when it comes to customer with different needs.  At that time, we didn't need any help or have question and we were just want to browsing the store to see what they sells.  While we were looking at bed area, other employee noticed that we were signing to each other, she grabbed her notepad and wrote it to us to see if she can help with us with anything.  We were beyond impressed with Living Space's excellent Deaf-friendly customer service. I don't recall going to any furniture store that have excellent Deaf-friendly customer service like this store.  They are seem like they know how to work with Deaf customers very well. When we are ready to make furniture purchases, we will definately come back again! This store has nice furniture selection with different styles at great prices. I highly recommend you to check this store out.

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