Wanida Thai Cuisine


I came into this small Thai restaurant with great reviews (food was tops notch!). The server (didn't catch his name) was more than gracious when I indicated I was Deaf. He used gestures, pen/paper, pointing, etc. and then signed, "Thank you - have a good day" after I paid my tab. Felt so good!

That being said, since moving to Bellingham recently, this city is the most Deaf-friendly place in the PNW in my opinion. Nearly everyone I encounter, whether a barista, grocery clerk, or server, knows at least "Thank you" in ASL, or is willing to take the extra steps to communicate. So wonderful!

  • Willingness to Gesture
  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Well Lit Environment
  • Positive Attitude
  • Knows Sign Language
  • Makes Eye Contact
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