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My experience attending this venue has been mixed over the years. My recently experience, while everyone's attitude seemed to be in the right place, there continued to be challenges. I agree with the other reviewer, that the placement of the interpreters is way too busy with foot traffic. Several times, people unintentionally were blocking the interpreters and had to be asked to move. Regardless of how well the security and ushers tried to keep this area clear, it was still an issue. Also, the interpreter choice was a mix. One good one, one not good. It got so bad at one point, I had to pull up the lyrics to the song on my Iphone and follow along staring at my phone because the interpreter was so unqualified for the kind of work it takes to do performance interpreting. This isn't equal access. I hope Ste. Michelle will continue to improve on their access for concerts and I will have a better outcome next time. 

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Bought tickets to a concert on July 2, 2022 with some friends and my sister. We were crazy excited as one of my fav bands, Tank and the Bagas, was performing. The concert was culturally specific, so in making my interpreter request, I specifically stated this and that I would be more than happy to provide terp names if needed.

 Unfortunately the individual I was working with, S. Vincent, did not relay that to the interpreter coordinator (who also didn’t do due diligence in researching the performers) and hired non-BIPOC interpreters who are not certified nor appropriate for the job.

After back and forth with Ms. Vincent, I was emailed by her boss, Piper. When I explained the issue with who they had down for the interpreters not being certified not appropriate for the event, I was told:

Should (interpreter coordinator) not have success we will need to stick with (name 1) and (name 2) as the interpreters for this show. I understand that this will not be the experience that you had hoped for and if you prefer to no longer attend the concert, I can provide you and your party with a refund for your tickets. I do hope that you will consider still attending the show, if (interpreter coordinator) does not have success finding other interpreters.”

I explained that her response was offensive, as by using them it would not be providing equal access, thus not adhering to ADA. I explained how my initial request was specific and I had asked if referrals were needed.

I contacted Echo here at Deaffriendly for support (HUGE thank you!😊) and reached out to the interpreter coordinator.  I have a meeting to follow up with this person.

 At the literal last minute they asked who was on my referral list. I gave them names and Malcolm Reed and David Smith were hired😊 These 2 stepped in, worked hard and were beyond amazing! We were able to enjoy the concert as we should have in the first place without all the stress. 

While there, the location where they have the interpreters set up is awful. If your in general or reserved seating, doesn’t matter, there is a TON of foot traffic in front of terps. They are constantly telling people to please move, not to stand in front, etc. people were going up and trying to talk to them or ask them to move so they could see better. Hopefully they can work something out and fix that. 

Overall this whole process took 2 weeks to work out. It was a lot of education that had to happen and continuously needs to happen. 

Honestly, would I go back there again for an event or anything? No

Piper, the manager, did provide me and my friends the opportunity to go for a free wine tasting with an interpreter. I’m appreciative for them trying to fix the issue.

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