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I attended a performance of The Lion King on March 16. I did not immediately see any assistive listening signage, so I asked an attendant in the lobby who pointed to a counter behind a crowd of people. There I saw a small sign indicating ALDs and binoculars. I saw no blue ear sign.I checked out a neck loop device that was similar to a stethoscope with a small receiver at the bottom. I sat in the right front section of the theater where open captioning was being provided. The assisted listening device was scratchy and crackly throughout the performance, regardless of how I positioned the receiver. The captioning was helpful, although the synchronization with the performance was off a bit sometimes. It would be helpful if the captioning could be a little bit higher, hard to see around or over heads sometimes.Returning the ALD took far too long.......the attendant had trouble finding my DL because they have more devices than slots to put one's driver's license in, so they have to double up.


I randomly showed up at their outside ticket purchasing windows and asked for information related to when their interpreted shows are, she readily had the information and used paper and pen to communicate. How easy is that?! She didn't have to say, "Uhm... wait. Let me go call someone." I have also attended several plays, especially off-Broadway shows, and they absolutely require top-notch interpreters. Every time, Paramount got it right! Hooray for The Paramount Theatre! Keep it up!


I went with a hearing friend to the Sunday, Nov. 17th, 6:30 pm performance of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" - which was the final show of a three-year national tour of this phenomenal musical. Since I'd never used the theater's stethoset hearing assistance, Cheri Perrizoli of told me where to check in. There was no signage. But the concierge people were helpful, efficient, and the process of getting the headset went quickly. The headset worked very well, making the spoken words very clear in my ears (I had to remove my hearing aids), though the terrific, easily readable captioning was most useable for the songs. Several hearing people around us remarked about how they, too, used the captions. Applause for those. The headset wasn't comfortable by the end of the show, but two-thumbs up - way up! - for the hearing access and captioning.

Maridee Garvey

I attended the Paramount theater's production of "The Wizard of Oz" Sunday evening.  It was truly inspiring to be able to enjoy the show, due the the excellent captioning offered.  Due to my severe hearing loss, this has not been possible until now.  Thank you, Paramount theater, for this opportunity, and many more shows to look forward to in the future.


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for captioning the April 21, 2013 performance of Flashdance.  As a severely hard-of-hearing person, captioning enabled me to “hear” every song that was sung and every word that was being spoken.  

Captioning has made all the difference to me in attending performances at The Paramount.  And, in my section, I see fellow hearing-impaired people who are benefitting from assisted listening devices and captioning as well. I drive over 200 miles round trip to attend your one captioned performance so you can see how important it is to me.

Thank you for installing the equipment that enables us to receive captioned performances.  I will continue to faithfully attend performances that are captioned at your great Paramount Theater.  

Appreciatively,   Erlene


When I couldn't get tickets to the sold-out ASL performance of The Book of Mormon, I was pleasantly surprised that there was another option that evening, an open-captioned performance! Paramount Theatre offered the deaf/hh community choices. Since we all have varying needs, this is a huge plus in my book! I am now a huge follower of open-captioned performances and hope they will continue to do more of them!


I love you, Paramount Theatre for providing ASL interpreters through TADA (Theater, Allies, and Deaf Audiences) for fantastic shows over the years! I usually get tickets from my parents and I always change my tickets to the night of interpreted shows through relay calls- there's NEVER A PROBLEM. Although, I do wish you guys would provide open caption for the shows. But, still, I love you Paramount because you'll be providing 2...yes 2 INTERPRETED SHOWS of WICKED in November. You've made a dream come true for a deaf guy like myself.

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