The Chrysalis Inn & Spa


Booked a 4 days “self-care getaway” here overlooking the Bellingham Bay. Booking was easy via online and when I called to confirm, there were no issues.

I also scheduled some spa services prior to arriving via email. In speaking with the spa director Sandy Sallee, she was very kind and supported me through scheduling. She also informed staff that I was Deaf.

 When I arrived at Chrysalis and motioned I was Deaf, the front desk has paper ready to communicate. My room was GORGEOUS and exactly what I requested. 

At the spa, staff were all prepared with their iPhones handy to communicate with me when needed. The spa was beautiful and relaxing with a variety of service options. 

Close to a beautiful walk by the water, old town Bellingham, and overlooking the bay.  The railroad tracks do run next to the hotel, which they tell you online, however, they did not bother me other than feeling the rumble of the train every so often😊

  • Willingness to Gesture
  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Well Lit Environment
  • Schedule/Order On-line or E-mail
  • Subtitles/Closed Caption/Open Caption
  • Accepts Relay Calls
  • Positive Attitude
  • Makes Eye Contact
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Deaf-Friendly Consulting
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