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My colleague and I stayed here during a conference. What a great hotel that is working on being more inclusive. They offer in-room text solutions. I could text the front desk for anything I needed. Our room was retrofitted with a visual fire-alarm and visual door knocker. The front desk staff was also very patient and helpful. We dined in their steakhouse and our waitress was so intuitive. When she realized we were deaf, she whipped her phone out and used her speech to text app to communicate with us! I would only suggest as an area for improvement = I would love to see more staff using sign language!

  • Well Lit Environment
  • Subtitles/Closed Caption/Open Caption
  • Schedule/Order On-line or E-mail
  • Accepts Relay Calls
  • Positive Attitude
  • Speaks Clearly
  • Makes Eye Contact


This hotel/convention center needs help!  They need information about Deaf people using VRS calls and how it works (I got hung up on several times when trying to order room service). They need ADA kits (they have no TTYs, no vibrating alarm clocks, etc.).   They need their "handicapped" rooms to be redesigned -- the doorbell flasher is attached to a light switch which can be turned off unknowingly, and there is a light under the night table that goes on/off every time you walk by it.  Also, one night, after 2 nights of being at the hotel (I was there almost a week), I requested towels from concierge (via paper writing) and they said they would send up towels straight away but never did. I called the front desk to follow up (using VRS) and they said they would send the towels up and again never did. I am not sure what happened.

Thumbs up, however, goes to some the hotel staff's willingness to communicate with me via email.  It is via email that I communicated my concerns to them and they were apologetic and are very interested in improving their accessibility and services for Deaf people. Maryellen Indiveri, Rooms Division Administrative Assistant, expressed interest in being contacted. I gave her some resources, including this website, information about ZVRS in Clearwater, FL, and the National Association of the Deaf.

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