Vicki Moseley

Had some issues with my iPhone this past week. Finally went to my local T-mobile store where I was greeted by Stephen. Wrote down my issues in the notes section of my phone. Stephen immediately got paper and pen to communicate with me. Within 15 minutes my issues were resolved. What a huge relief that was! He was very patient, friendly and comfortable writing back and forth with me. Gave me some tips should the issues arise again. 

  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Positive Attitude
  • Well Lit Environment
  • Makes Eye Contact


This is my second review for this T-Mobile Store. I was so impressed with them, I have to give them another review. When I was having problems with my phone and was in a hurry, Shelly helped me correct the issue and even gave me her text number in case I had another issue. This personal attention saved me so much trouble of having to call them or come in whenever I was having an issue with my phone. When I couldn't understand certain things she was saying, she had no problem writing them down and was patient in communicating with me. Thank you Shelly!! 


My phone was having some problems, so I came into my local T-Mobile store. The Customer Service Representative, Elmer did a fantastic job helping me. He was very patient, made eye contact and was intentional with his words. He took the time to write things down when I could not speech read him and even signed "Thank You" as I left the store that day.

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