I called using Video Relay Service before dinner rush around 3pm and tried to book reservations for dinner. I was hung up on and told "we don't accept this service". I called back requesting the interpreter not announce herself and ask for dinner reservations. The manager, Kamyar took my call and told me they did not have openings. OK, it was no problem. When I proceeded to discuss being hung up on in previous calls (very calm and direct) he made all kinds of excuses that they didn't have time for these kind of calls. When I proceeded to tell him that by not accepting my call, he was discriminating against me and accepting relay calls is required by the ADA (again, in a calm manner), he hung up on me again. My hearing husband also called him later that evening to try to get through to him, he hung up on him too. We were appalled that the manager from a nationally recognized, award winning restaurant gets away with treating their customers so badly. I would not recommend visiting this establishment unless they improve their awareness in how to serve deaf/hh customers. 

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