Trader Joe's


There is a check-out clerk that knows ASL, I believe her name is Erin. It's always nice when I can communicate with someone using Sign Language. It really helps me go about my day easier as a Deaf person. I apprreciate Trader Joe's for hiring clerks that are skilled in ASL. Thank you! 

  • Makes Eye Contact
  • Speaks Clearly
  • Knows Sign Language
  • Positive Attitude


Stopped by this new TJ location for the first time and left with mixed feelings. When my Deaf friend tried to ask a staff a directional question, she reacted in a rude way as if it was an inconvenience to be asked for help. However, the staff at checkout was nice to us. I might or might not return back--it'll only be if I'm shopping at the other stores located in the same center. I don't plan on going out of my way to visit this TJ location though because of my experience. 

  • Well Lit Environment
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