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My most recent appointment at this location was very shocking to say the least. The doctor behaved inappropriately and unprofessionally during the nearly 1-hour long appointment. I wish I could give a zero star because that's what this review should be.

Dr Soulakvelidze almost yelled at us in an flustered and agitated voice when he didn't know which person was the patient/interpreter despite the interpreter entering the room with him at the same time and me already being seated inside. The nurse had no issue with this when she spoke with me a few minutes earlier. Why was it a problem with the doctor not being able to tell the difference between the interpreter and I? 

If the doctor had a look at the birthdate in my file, he would have figured it out right away because of the age difference between the interpreter and me. I found to be strange because that would have prevented this part from happening with the mix-up. When I told him it was me, he got even more confused and agitated with a louder voice while repeating the question several times and looking back and forth at the two of us because even if I was moving my hands (signing) and the interpreter voiced me. Yikes.

I offered in a nice way to have the interpreter educate him on how to use an interpreter and communicate with me to make the visit go more smoothly and he refused it right away--he was very defensive about it. I have no idea why because it would have made a big difference. He also became almost angry at me if I went "off script" or didn't answer his question in the way he wanted me to. It felt like he came unprepared too because he spent a long time looking through my files--he didn't have access to one of my important test results even if it was submitted by one of his own colleagues from the same department. I had to show him it on my own phone; it was available on MyChart so I didn't know why he said he had no access to it. 

I reported this visit to his supervisor and it is currently being looked into. No doctor should ever behave like this. Period. It was one of my worst experiences ever and that's saying a lot considering how many not so great experiences I have had with countless doctors in my lifetime due to different reasons including them being inexperienced with Deaf patients or cultural difference. Or them simply being a not very good doctor with most patients which I'm sure most of us can relate with regardless of being D/HH or hearing. This one took the cake. I was so flabbergasted and shocked with what was going on. I just do not understand what was going through this doctor's head. I'm a friendly person who tries to put doctors at ease during my visits so both of us can get the most out of it so I do not understand why this was difficult for him.

He was nicer towards end of my appointment and I was thinking to myself why wasn't he like this for the entire appointment? What did I do that was so horrible to deserve this awful treatment from him? Because I'm Deaf? A young female patient? Culture difference? Another faceless person who wanted to "pop pain pills" even if I told him I had no desire of getting a RX? I just do not understand it. 

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