Schack Art Center


I visited this location two different times to browse through their glass pumpkin harvest and for their Artists' Garage Sale event. During my first visit, I enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful and unique glass blown pumpkins. One of their staff was really nice and helpful while talking with me. Pulled down their mask in case I wanted to lip read but we ended up gesturing and writing on paper to communicate. I left with two beautiful small glass pumpkins and a super mini pumpkin that was smaller than my fingernail for fun. Almost all of the staff I encountered were nice and willing to communicate in different methods. I'll be returning back because I like supporting local business and it's always nice feeling welcomed as a Deaf customer. Thanks! 

  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Positive Attitude
  • Well Lit Environment
  • Makes Eye Contact
  • Willingness to Gesture
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Deaf-Friendly Consulting
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