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There was no interpreter for my appointment to discuss the medicine being taken for a serious condition. They also never scheduled me with a blood specialist; I was scheduled with a nurse instead. She was nice & helpful but I should have been referred to the correct specialist & location. 

Due to the urgency & importance of my situation, I was forced to use my family as an “interpreter” when that is not allowed as an acceptable ADA accommodation. I wrote on paper a lot during my appointment and the visit ran very long because of our communication barriers. 

I was reassured that help would be provided in emergencies. However, my experience was the opposite when I needed help. I wasn’t believed by the ACC staff when I was experiencing adverse reaction to the medicine I was taking. After my ER visits, the ER doctor on duty that day believed me & had me stop the medicine immediately. My previous reaction went away once I adjusted to the new medicine.

All of this could’ve been avoided if I had an interpreter, was scheduled with a specialist & was taken seriously in the first place when I said something was wrong with my body. I do not recommend this place to anyone, especially if accommodations are required.

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