Regis Salon


Stylist: Marie Goodman

Unlike another stylists, she listens- she will do what you exactly have asked for- color your hair purple? Sure! Make it really short? Yes! Marie will not go "oh you have such a beautiful hair, let me do this way or that way because it'll look better on you." Yes, Marie knows that once we want it, we have to have it but instead, she'd make a few suggestions to make your"dream hair" to look good. Also, she is a patient person- she doesn't make me feel obligated of how much time we had consumed during the visit. It's really nice to have someone that understands me 100% without scribbling on some paper, doing some silly gestures to communicate, or sitting there feeling all uneasy thinking, "hmm did she really understand me here?" waiting for the mistake to happen. I always leave Marie's salon really really happy!

All that conflicting elements has been vanished when I started to see Marie. =) Thank you and am looking forward working with you for rest of my life.

Amanda G

I am new to Redmond, WA, and I had a terrible hair cut. I heard about Marie G & as long as I live in Redmond, WA, I will never go to anyone else! She is AMAZING!  She had to cut my hair pretty short to fix the horrible cut I received from someone else, but she did so good! It's growing out nicely! I can't wait to get to put some color in!!! Hands down best hair stylist I have ever been too!


GO SEE MARIE! Best stylist in the Salon by far!


Marie Jones (Goodman) is by far the best hair stylist I have had! I have been going to her for a few years now and will continue to see her as long as she is doing hair! She has cut and colored my hair, given me hair feathers when it was cool... and has even styled my hair for my wedding and my bridal shower! She is edgy, classic, smart, goofy and easy to communicate with. She gives suggestions and opinions when asked and always has a good attitude. She is gorgeous to look at and I love her tattoos and personal hair styles. Every time I go to Regis she has a new 'do and it's fun to see whatever the next big thing is in hair! She is attentive to her client's needs and can communicate very well. I have never had issues with communicating with Marie and I feel comfortable in knowing that she understands me and my hair needs. I can always understand her, and she can always understand me to there's no miscommunication, even though she is deaf. And it's fun for me to try and practice my old ASL skills!


I have to mention her name right here (with her permission). Marie Jones, a professional hairstylist at Regis who is Deaf. She does lots of amazing cuts, colors and hairstyles. She is very attentive to details and will follow through with each steps with her clients. She is a easy-going person who takes her job seriously. Also not to mention, she is not afraid to give in her honest opinions. That's something you would like to hear before you decide to take a giant leap of faith to chop off your hair, right? I have seen her work from over the years and let me tell you, she definitely know her stuff. I came to her few days ago to get my hair trimmed and sheared to keep my thick hair more manageable. After my appointment with Marie, my hair turned out the way I wanted it to be. Awesome. No need to look for reviews or references. Marie is the person you will want to see. Let her take care of you and you will be happy!

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