deafREVIEW is Going to DeafNation World Expo 2012!

Posted by: Staff Writer on July 2, 2012

Ah, Vegas, the land of sin, marrying someone you just met, betting the farm with high rollers, feathered high-kicking showgirls, CIRCUS CIRCUS, and … DeafNation World Expo 2012!

While all of the above are exciting, deafREVIEW is packing its suitcase for the last part. Not only will we be representing deafREVIEW, we’ll be getting a feel for just how deaf-friendly Las Vegas is. It’s time to “See See” how a city renowned for its hospitality industry handles a flock of Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers – and vice versa.

Not sure if you can make it to the expo? No worries – you can live vicariously through our social media. From July 30 to August 1 , be sure to tune in as deafREVIEW founder Melissa “echo” Greenlee plans to share her thoughts and observation (with colorful pictures, status updates and tweets).

“I’m looking forward to meeting thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people from all over the world, and I am excited to bring the concept of deaf-friendly business reviewing to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people everywhere,” says Greenlee.

Not just folks from elsewhere, but also our very own local pride: Marilyn Jean Smith, founder and former executive director of Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS) in Seattle. You’ve seen her face on Bank of America’s “Local Heroes” Neighborhood Excellence Initiative – now, an international audience will watch her accept the DeafNation Inspiration Award on July 30th in Las Vegas. Other USA award winners include Sean Berdy and Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz.

If you ARE packing your bags for Vegas, we’ll see you there. Here are a few ideas that will make for a “champ” experience:

  • Not a high roller? Still take the high road and if you received deaf-friendly service, tip well. Sin City is tough on the wallet (especially if you play craps, roulette, or bust out of National Deaf Poker Tour early). We know the flight from SEA to LAS is running you at least $250. Still no excuse to tip shabbily, especially since expo admission is FREE! Tips leave a good impression on all the hostesses, servers and waitresses so they will be excited to serve large groups of deafies again at Deaf Nation World Expo 2014.
  • Don’t be the sucker who forgot his SPF 45. You will miss Seattle’s lame “June-uary” once Vegas’ scorcher hits you in the face.  It is 104°F now, a number that WILL creep up about five more digits by the end of July. For some ideas on hot-weather wear, look at what DeafNation founder Joel Barish wears in Phillipines, Taiwan, Israel, UAE, Jordan, Tobago, Barbados, Belize, and more. These countries are mercilessly hot!
  • Fall in love with another Expo-goer, after too many martinis? No problem. A marriage license costs only $60* in Nevada ($5 extra for credit cards). No blood test, no waiting period!  *Once again, don’t forget to tip your wedding officiant.
  • Check out DeafNation discounts. “The house always wins,” you say? Well, wait until you see the sweet deals the house offers, to help defray your costs: ASL seating and delegate offers for some Cirque du Soleil shows, $45-a-night hotel offers, and sweet 5-15% discounts from United Airlines (which has responded to #captionTHIS regarding their in-flight movies).
  • Review Our Tipping article, “Do You Know the Rules of Tipping?” We can’t stress it enough and if a Deaf chef thinks tipping is a cultural problem among the Deaf, then it is something we ALL ought to step up our game in. “A small concept, but very powerful one when done in large flocks!” Greenlee points out.
  • What happens at DeafNation, says in DeafNation … until someone tweets it. It might just be us. Follow our tweet feed at to stay updated on DeafNation World Expo 2012!

Can’t make it to Vegas this summer? No worries – DeafNation may be coming to a city near you!


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