Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center

Michael Thal

The most efficient way to make an appointment at Kaiser to see my doctor is the telephone. Yes, they have a website, and yes you can make appointments through that, but it doesn't always work. And you won't find out about it until days or weeks later. 

I'd expect my file would be marked "DEAF", but it's not. When I go for an appointment, a nurse will always call out my name. If I wasn't watching the reaction of the people in the waiting room, I wouldn't know it was my turn. 

The nurses and doctors all wear masks and most wont take them off to communicate with a deaf person. 
Fortunately, my doctor will remove her mask to improve communication, but it wasn't always like that during the pandemic. 

If you're deaf and looking for a deaf friendly medical center, Kaiser isn't it.  

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