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Upon Las Vegas, someone suggested that we see the decorations at Bellagio's exquisite lobby. He had some questions of the hotel desk clerk, and I waited behind in the lobby area. I was shocked to see what the desk clerk did. She recognized that my friend was deaf and slowly walked away, ignoring him. What I witnessed was totally inexcusable. She didn't just move slightly away, she literally disappeared.

I brought this to management and that is where it ended, I suppose. We had to meet our airport transportation for a flight, so we didn't go further at the location. A phone call was made when I arrived back in my office. It, too, fell on deaf-ears. I thought you'd like to know.

This may be an isolated incident, but it sure hit me head on. Their staff needs to be made familiar with the needs of DHH guests!

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  • Well Lit Environment
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