Adventure Kids Playcare

Le Petit Chouette

This place is such a godsend compared to so many other temp daycares locally. No 4-hour maximums, no waiting lists, no mandatory tours that you have to reserve in advance, and no huge piles of paperwork/medical documentation to do beforehand. The hourly rate is surprisingly reasonable for an expensive area like downtown Bellevue.

They have an online scheduling platform so you can request a time slot for your kid (they email back quickly afterwards to confirm that you have that booking). Also, they provide a sheet each time so you can circle meal choices for your kid, as well as another sheet specifying your child's items/likes/dislikes. At pick-up time, you get written notes about what your child did that day and friend(s) s/he made. Deaf-friendly!

This is probably the only place I'll refer my parent friends to, since it truly is a rarity in convenience for folks who don't have a regular sitter/nanny/daycare. Nothing else comes close.

NOTE: I don't know if any staffers use any sign language here, but it would be a good question to ask when you sign up! 

  • Makes Eye Contact
  • Speaks Clearly
  • Schedule/Order On-line or E-mail
  • Positive Attitude
  • Accepts Relay Calls
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Deaf-Friendly Consulting
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