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I cannot rave enough about FancyHands. Why isn't there a 6-star option for them? Being a deaf person, I'd rather get a tooth canal than make phone calls (whether via Relay, or VRS) and dealing with hang-ups, prejudices, technical/video difficulties, lack of agents that match my gender, and other inconveniences. So whenever I'm in a bureaucratic battle, I send a quick email to FancyHands -- within an hour, a highly phone-savvy assistant has tackled my problem. That includes:
*finding rideshares
*call the head of a Patient Services dept, to waive a highly restrictive ASL interpreter requirement
*making a phone call to FCC, to complain about their lack of accessibility
*scheduling interpreters for events (because, of course, phone tag is the bane of any busy deaf person's existence)
If you value your time, PLEASE give FancyHands a try! My theory: When an authority figure knows they're on the phone with someone's ASSISTANT, they are more responsive/polite, as they can't default to underlying prejudices about individuals with disabilities.

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  • Accepts Relay Calls
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