Black Bottle Gastrotavern


This was my first time here and the food was delicious. I was very concerned about the dark atmosphere for our deaf group however. When we asked the host if we could turn the lights up, he made a highly offensive comment and gave us major attitude. Luckily, he agreed to turn them up and it was good enough for our group of deaf signers to see each others hands. If he had not agreed to turn the lights up, our entire party of 11 would have left without question. The reason I am giving this restaurant a 4-star review is because of our server Alex when realizing we were deaf and communicated differently, went and wrote everything down and then proceeded to take our order through text messaging, using pen and paper and gesturing. He was truly a friendly and patient person and exactly what we needed to have a great night where we didn’t have to worry about getting our needs met. He even signed “Thank You” to many of us in our group. Thanks Alex!!

  • Willingness to Gesture
  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Makes Eye Contact
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Deaf-Friendly Consulting
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