Socorro Garcia: Making Connections Happen

Posted by: Elise Whitworth on April 1, 2016

Socorro Garcia is our new Community Outreach Manager for and we are so excited to have her on the deaffriendly team. A big part of her job is going out into the community and networking with hearing businesses and Deaf consumers, to make sure they know about and all the different ways we can help them create a deaf-frinedly world.

Number of Reviews: 70
Favorite Deaf-Friendly Business: Queen Bee Cafe, Seattle

A mover and shaker, she’s also working for change as a board member for both Council de Manos and Deaf Women United. Recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, after a stint in the other Washington (D.C.), she is finding Seattle to a great place to chill, have a good time, and get things done. You’ll find her at a local deaf-friendly watering hole with friends, attending the latest Epic Jam, or mingling at the Seattle Deaf Film Festival because at the end of the day she knows what we know, building relationships is the key to achieving big goals together. And together, we’re going to shake things up in a big way.

Tell us, what's the best thing about working with the deaffriendly team.

The chemistry I have with my team makes the work fun while we're also productive with our action items. There have been times when sharing our snacks came with great creativity in continuing the enhancement of deliverables for our mission of creating a deaf-friendly world. After all, how could snacks go wrong, along with much-cherished tea?

What's your favorite deaf-friendly business you frequent. Why?

Queen Bee Cafe, which is located close to the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center. I frequently go there for delicious drinks and dishes, and their staff's knowledge of how to be deaf-friendly (such as knowing basic signs or having paper and pen ready for me) always makes my visits more enjoyable.

Describe your job and your favorite project you've worked on at deaffriendly.

I make connections happen between venues and the deaf community to create a deaf-friendly environment to ensure that customers enjoy their experience without being treated differently. One of my current, and favorite, projects is working with local organizations in Phoenix to prepare local venues for the upcoming National Association of the Deaf conference. It is our goal to ensure that conference attendees who patronize local businesses have great, deaf-friendly experiences.

Describe the most memorable review you've read

The Seattle Public Library has many memorable reviews. I would love to experience what Anna did at every venue I connect with, because this is perfect customer service without communication barriers. Undoubtedly, I'd visit any place of business often if they did what the library did as shared in this review.

In your opinion, what's the most deaf-friendly city you've visited?

I would say Washington, D.C., because of Gallaudet University's location in the city. Local businesses undoubtedly have experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of Deaf consumers, especially in the H Street area right by the university. When I am in that area, it is rare for me to have to ask for paper and pen to order, because so many servers and employees know basic signs or better. I love it!

Best survival tip for navigating the world as a Deaf consumer:

When there is a long line to wait for your order, it is best to write or type your order in advance such as using your phone's notepad app to communicate. This will help speed the process not just for you, but for the employee, too.

Mad lib style, just for laughs: Give me a noun. An adjective. and an adverb.

Bandana, open-minded and boldly. 

A deaf-friendly BANDANA  always knows to use OPEN-MINDED communication when interacting BOLDLY with Deaf customers.

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