ridicuLIST: Deaf People Want To Be Cured

Posted by: Staff Writer on April 10, 2013

Ask a culturally Deaf person this: ‘If there was a pill you could take to regain your full hearing, would you take it?’ a majority of them will tell you no. Once, a deaf woman told me, “If I got my hearing back, I would lose my identity and I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Many culturally Deaf people do not feel like they need to be cured or ‘fixed’ of their deafness. Many deaf people have adapted with their hearing loss and found their identity within a tight knit Deaf Community. Often, they do not see themselves at a loss or ‘diseased’ but a unique group of people with a language and culture of their own. To many of us, deafness isn’t considered a disability but a part of what being Deaf is like; it’s almost as if it was an ethnic background.

With many technological advancement in hearing options for people with hearing loss, some deaf people do turn to cochlear implants or hearing aids. However, assistive listening devices such as these do not provide a cure for deafness. In some cases, they do allow improvement in specific areas. Some people who are late-deafened might already have some experience hearing and speaking, so they might have more benefits from wearing hearing aids or getting cochlear implants. This is an example of how diverse the deaf world is. We’re not all built the same.

The same deaf woman added, “Besides, if I was able to hear again- with all the strange, unfamiliar noises coming from everywhere I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

Now it’s your turn: If there was a pill you could take to regain your full hearing, would you take it?


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