ridicuLIST: All Deaf People Have a 6th Sense

Posted by: Staff Writer on May 9, 2013

Why does it seem like deaf people possess a psychic ability or a sixth sense? A philosopher, Aristotle argued that all humans have five active senses and no more than five. If one is lost, then it is irreplaceable. Perhaps we could argue against his theory however, intuition – in which it seems to naturally be ascribed to all deaf people since birth, may be the secret “sixth” sense.

But we know it’s not a psychic ability, a third eye, nor even a super-hero power. In fact, it’s a skill that is picked up through increased observation over time. A sixth sense does not actually exist, (it would be so cool if it did though…) but due to making up for the loss of one sense (hearing), the other four senses are heightened as we become dependent on them for information about our environment. One’s ability to pick up on environmental cues will depends on how much time and experience someone has had using their other senses to receive information. It doesn’t surprise us that studies show the lack of auditory sense in the brain mass isn’t left unused – but quickly gets rewired and exercised by using other senses. The brain is truly an amazing organ.

Therefore, deaf people have a strong tendency to:

  • Pick up subtle body language and emotions of others
  • Know when someone walks in the room based on vibrations and/or shifts in the air
  • Be much more aware of their surroundings

Are you a deaf/hh person that gets mistaken for having a 6th sense?



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