#DeafTalent in God of Carnage

Posted by: Staff Writer on April 20, 2015

Deaf Spotlight produces their annual play using an all Deaf cast to showcase #DeafTalent at 12th Avenue Arts Mainstage in Seattle, WA.  This year’s production is directed by a local Pacific Northwest Deaf director Ryan Schlecht and the play chosen, God of Carnage, grapples with the questions- what is the nature of violence and who is to blame?  A boy hits another boy with a stick and where do we go from here? Four parents in a living room wrestle with this thorny question.  What unfolds is an evening of exploration into marriage, parenting, violence, gender roles, classism, and the ways we live our lives in direct accordance to our willingness or unwillingness to take personal responsibility for the world we live in.

Yet, while this could be weighty material, the play treats the matter like a tragi-comedy, with a great deal of levity. This specific rendition in ASL and the four Deaf cast members: Anna Bracilano, Aimee Chou, Reggie Scott, and Billy Seago expertly take on the roles of married couples; each actor is well-matched to handle this complicated and funny farce. The chemistry between the characters is especially noticeable and does great service to the constantly shifting loyalties that take place. The deft ASL translations, thanks in part to ASL Consultant Howie Seago and the use of humor is both engaging and endearing. Nimbly interwoven punctuations of climax and even bodily fluids will keep you on your toes and utterly unable to tear your eyes away from the train wreck that is picking up speed with each ensuing catastrophe and character revelation.

You don’t want to miss it, only three performances left!

Friday, April 24, 7pm - Performance in ASL, Saturday, April 25, 7pm - Performance in ASL w/ English voice over, Sunday, April 26, 2 pm - Performance in ASL

Tickets $20, Students/Senior Citizen (62+) $15, Buy tickets: Stranger Tickets, Performance Location12th Ave Arts Theatre

For more information about the play, check Deaf Spotlight

Note to the audience: You may want to refrain from sitting in the front row and you may want to avoid eating immediately beforehand. The projectile bodily fluids are a thing.


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