deafREVIEW Launches in Seattle!!

Posted by: Melissa echo Greenlee on March 13, 2012

Are you a deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing person who lives in or around Seattle, Washington? If so, kinship is inevitable. You’re part of a group that endures gloomy winters, demands top-tier coffee and roots for the same soccer team. Also, you totally “get” the very unique experience living as a deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing person. It’s filled with highs and lows that only a few, truly understand.

One of the highs: “Dude, that waitress rocked, she signed with me the whole time. Extra tip for her!”

One of the lows: “Dude, I’m never going back to that restaurant – they give deaf people the ‘Stink Eye’!”

Starting today, these conversations aren’t limited to one-on-one chats. You can show the world a glimpse of the deaf consumer experience – right in your hometown. As a community-led search and review based website for deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing communities, deafREVIEW ( launches today in its flagship city of Seattle, Washington.

You and your allies -- such as family members, friends, advocates and Sign Language Interpreters - can rate, write and read reviews about the deaf-friendliness of Seattle businesses you frequent.

“We are living, breathing Deaf consumers with money in our pockets and choices to make every day,” says Melissa “echo” Greenlee, founder and CEO of deafREVIEW. “Are we going to support a deaf-friendly business or a deaf-challenged business?”

If you are one of over 254,000 deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals who live, shop and eat in Washington State, the answer should be a no-brainer. If you are part of 74% who live in urban areas, you know your city is famous for software, coffee, and rain. Over time, deafREVIEW aims to put Seattle on the map as a famously deaf-friendly city and you can help us do so.

“Seattle, known for its bustling Deaf community and ever-changing marketplace, is a great city for us to launch in,” says Greenlee. deafREVIEW has an ambitious goal: Reviewing hundreds of business within the next three months – and we need your help!

It’s simple: Just visit our website, create a free profile, and put on your reviewer hats. Even on the rainiest of Seattle days, you interact with at least one business. Now you can give your two cents (or five stars) as you explore the question: “Is this business deaf-friendly? Why or why not?”

Some websites are revenue-focused. Ours is review-focused: We “gain” when people like you share information to help improve deaf consumer experiences. The more reviews we can gather in our flagship city, the faster we can make positive change. When we know this strategy works, we will happily make our review site available to your friends and family in other cities such as: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Rochester, Washington D.C., New York City and more.  After all, we all know that deafies are travel junkies with deaf friends all over the U.S., if not the world!

Cool deafREVIEW Features:

  • Create your free profile
  • Search for deaf-friendly businesses near you
  • Give a 1-5 star rating on businesses you frequent and write reviews
  • Help businesses understand your needs

Each moment counts, so what are you waiting for? Get your reviews plugged in at deafREVIEW.


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