Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Cam Damon

I am very grateful for the Sheriff’s  office that serves the surrounding mountain area of Nederland CO.
I have owned mountain property for 24 years and for all of those years been relentlessly harassed by a specific lost soul neighbor. When I lived there, when I was out of state they have harassed me personally and also friends and other guests on my property. In fact I could not have guests without them being harassed by this person. I didn’t pursue it for years because I felt bad for them and thought if I remained a steadfast good neighbor they would in the end calm down and back off. I was wrong. After one particularly bad incident I finally called the authorities and the sheriff sent deputies out to keep the peace or rather try to establish the peace and try to help de-escalate.
It was a loaded situation because said neighbor is given to yelling and screaming complaints and threats, trespassing and antagonizing.  They were also shocked I finally got law enforcement involved.
the deputies wrote down everything for me and listened intently to details, they then went and spoke with aggressor and my partner who is an interpreter could hear them and signed everything that was said across road. I was comforted to know they were polite, kind and firm with my neighbor. They clearly outlined how they were breaking the law and what behavior had to stop if they didn’t want charges brought against them.  It helped for a few years.
more recently as I was in process of selling my land 
neighbor took to harassing, threatening and lying to prospective buyers. They would also take down and vandalize signs and tools and property. I had to get the sheriff involved again.
I was especially grateful to dispatch who had the deputies working with me text me to get all details and issues. It was wonderful to have them take it so seriously and be so helpful with communication. The deputies also texted me anytime they parked on and checked on my property just for security. It was so helpful and made an otherwise frustrating and seemingly untenable situation manageable.

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