Valley Subaru of Longmont

Cam Damon

I recently purchased a new car and I was apprehensive because I needed to understand all of the details, legalities and insurance and finance. I was dreading how complicated this may be. I am happy to report I had a smooth and pleasant experience because the two gentlemen I worked with went the extra mile to communicate with me directly both writing down all details and conversation and also typing on computer so I would know exactly what was going on. This made all of the difference and I was thrilled to be able to read and respond to everything clearly. 

Dion Narez was the person in finance that helped with all the technicalities and legalities.
Chuck Dunlap was the sales person who lead me around looking at various models and test driving and setting up all the older work for the sale.
I deeply appreciate both of these guys for their professionalism and commitment to communicating with me effectively. I would encourage any of my deaf friends who are interested in buying a Suby to approach this dealership and ask for Chuck and Dion.  Thank you, both for such a pleasant experience with a major purchase.

  • Willingness to Gesture
  • Pen and Paper Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Service Animal Allowed
  • Well Lit Environment
  • Accepts Relay Calls
  • Positive Attitude
  • Speaks Clearly
  • Makes Eye Contact
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Deaf-Friendly Consulting
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