SOL Mexican Cocina | Newport Beach


My fiance and I went to Sol Cocina Mexican restaurant for the first time.  We learned about this restaurant from Real Housewives of Orange County which were filmed there few times.  We were curious and want to try this restaurant.  The restaurant has beautiful atmosphere and well decorated. It also got a nice view of marina area. 

I am disappointed with our waiter, Scott. He tried too hard to be cool by stand far away from our table when we order something.  I tried to communicate with him about my orders, he didn't try to communicate with me and depended on my fiance to interpret for us.  I tried to ask him few times about food and drink.  He never pay attention to me. I don't appreciate to be treated like a second class citizen. We noticed this restaurant has other waiters who were much more professional and friendly to other people and we kinda wish these waiters were our waiter instead of Scott. It were obviously, we had "bad" waiter this time and we will try it one more time with this restaurant sometime in the future.

The drink and food were all right. I hope my experience with this restaurant will get better next time I come back again.

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