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I wish my experience was more positive at this location, but it hasn't been for the last few times when I've attempted to use their services. I've tried to talk with them a few times to help make it more deaf-friendly and accessible but I haven't seen any improvement.

The last time I stopped by to pick up my items, I was completely ignored by their staff. There was a customer in front of me and after the staff dropped off his items, she dashed off without even making eye contact with me. I stood there longer and then another staff came by to wipe down the table while I kept a 6-ft distance for safety reasons. The staff left without even allowing me to speak with her. I quickly tried to knock on the door that shut behind her to get her attention but no one came back outside. I stood longer and observed two staff talking to each other inside the library. They saw me but never approached me. By that point, I was shocked about how no one was assisting me, especially with how long I was standing there. When I saw the same staff who cleaned the table earlier walk inside the library, I had to wave my arms furiously to get her attention. She finally came out and I told her I was here for my items. 

This experience left me very shocked because there was no acknowledge nor any eye contact. It was as if no one wanted to talk with me or offer help. I was informed earlier during one of my conversations that I could stop by and show my library card or ID to the staff so they can assist me. I've tried to call ahead in time to give them an ETA of when I would be there so I don't have to call again while in my car. I've tried everything and this just is not working. In fact, it's gotten worse since they've allowed customers to go inside to wait for their items. 

I am very disappointed about how at least 4 staff completely ignored me. No one asked me if I was waiting or needed help. More work needs to be done to make this location more accessible during the pandemic. I've decided to stop using this location even if it's very close to me because I just can't keep on trying & trying and not seeing any improvement. It's not fun standing there and being ignored by several staff without help being offered. 

Marysville Library--please work on this and make your library services more accessible. I've offered several feedback over the last few months. Please use them. 

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