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I had a question about the resources provided by SPL's Central Library but did not want to walk all the way downtown. So, I made a video relay and they accepted my call with no problems and were friendly. When I arrived there they assigned me a staff who knew sign. He led me through the procedures for the resources provided and made sure that everything worked efficiently. Seattle Public Library always makes sure their Deaf/HoH patrons are serviced for. They also have ASL book club once every two months hosted by Suzette!


Addicted to books? Need help in finding books? Seattle Public Library has a person that is fluent in ASL and is Deaf. She's just pure awesome. Go to the first floor at the 4th avenue and ask for Miss Ledet. Oh, you forgot to make a call to a friend and you need a videophone somewhere in Downtown Seattle? Go to Seattle Public Library. There's a videophone installed there for free usage. Michael A. Cooper

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After noticing me signing to a dear friend, a fellow at SPL's check-out desk (David) signed "how may I help you?" Whether he knows just two signs or 200, he made my day. He said he learned from Cleo, program coordinator of LEAP (Library Equal Access Program). Also, as another reviewer before me said, the wonderful Suz Ledet works there too. I have to constantly fight for businesses to honor interpreter requests, so it's wonderful to be able to painlessly ask for a terp for library book readings/events. Then again, librarians have been "hushing" people forever - so, of course they appreciate ASL!:) One last thing - you can instant message librarians, too. It's an extra tool in your arsenal of Relay calls, VP, and so on!


As a bookworm, I love going to the library! But, I want to share something with the deaf community. There's a deaf person who works there, Suz Ledet. She works for the accessibility for the disabled people. I hope I'm right. If I'm wrong, I could always come back here and correct my mistake! ;-) Bottom line is if you need some help or whatever, ask a librarian for Suz Ledet and she'll be more than happy to help you out!

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